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South Africa Limpopo Baleni Cultural Camp

South Africa Gauteng Johannesburg

South Africa Limpopo Kurisa Moya

New Journals from the Community

South Africa Limpopo Phalaborwa

Walking on the Wild Side in Limpopo

"On foot, you are much more a part of nature. You can walk in freedom, without the protection of the vehicle. You can touch and smell the soil and ...

South Africa Limpopo Fundudzi Camp Road

The Sacred Land of Fundudzi – Followi...

It’s an early am on a sunny Monday morning in Limpopo, South Africa. There are four of us packed into a Toyota Hilux moving merrily through Witvlag...

South Africa Western Cape Gondwana Game Reserve

A breathtaking moment

6 am safari moments at Gondwana Game Reserve, Mossel Bay. On our way to go search for the elephants when we see this mist pulling ov...