South Africa Gauteng Maboneng Precinct

Pastelheart in Maboneng

We took the Johannesburg Hop-On Hop-Off Tours starting from Park Station. That was a 10 minute walk from the hotel where we stayed. The tour first went over Nelson Mandela Bridge into the CBD. At Carlton Centre we had the possibility to take a bus for a short tour to Maboneng. We choosed this option and waited among 5 or 6 other for the minibus. After some time it arrived and we meet our awesome driver "Boss", who took our small group to Maboneg (Boss taught me in his car how to drive on the left side of the road on our way to Soweto the next day, but that is a different story ;)

When we arrived, Boss first drove us around the area and told us about the different locations we should go. Then he dropped us at a robot and we had about an hour to explore on our own.

I had several locations I wanted to visit, but the most important was the street art from Pastelheart.I knew his art before my trip from his Instagram and one day while driving with StreetView through Johannesburg while bored at work, I saw his graffiti in Maboneng. Some months after that, I learned on social media that he died.

Not sure why it was important to me, but I wanted to see some of his work with my own eyes. If you want to see more from him, I suggest this article which has many pictures of his work: 

After spending some time there, we walked back to the main attractions of Maboneng. We just rushed through, because we were already late. One place I also wanted to visit was the community project "I was shot in Joburg :)" which I discovered some time before on Twitter:

"Providing a platform for former street children to learn skills and generate an income. Awesome people take awesome pics and hand-make awesome stuff and we get it to you in an awesome way."

We then walked back and Boss was already waiting. He drove us back to Carlton Centre from where we continued our Hop-On Hop-Off Tour. 

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