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Adventure at Witsand Nature Reserve

On the way from Kimberley to Upington on the N8 we decided to do a side trip to Witsand Nature Reserve. The street which leads to Witsand is a gravel road, so it was a challenge for our small rented car.

On the way we saw a warthog family beside the road. I have never seen them before. It looked funny how they ran beside our car. After a while they disappeard into the bush. Unfortunately I took no picture of them.

Gate to Witsand Nature Reserve

After a bumpy drive we arrived at Witsand. We checked in at the reception and got a self-painted map with some walking trails. It was so hot and the sun was burning so before we started we packed ourselves with long and lightly clothes, sunglasses, hat and scarf.

We walked a while when we saw that huge dune and we thought we could climb on top. On the way we found a waterhole with water plants, saw some Gemsbock footprints and busy beetles. There are many beautiful plants and on the ground is a lot to discover, like a bristle of a bristle pig.

After about one hour walking in the direction of the dune and being still far away, we decided to give up. Actually it didn't look like that we came any near the dune. We had to drive to Upington and we wanted to arrive before sundown. We arrived overheated at the car and each of us emptied a whole bottle of water. After a short break we drove back to the N8.

Just before the Gate we spotted a Gemsbock who browsed nearby the road. Soon after we saw a turtle in front of us. Along the way we met beside a puddle a big brown striped lizard, probably a monitor lizard. The first lizard I saw this size in real live. It was an incredible experience for me to see them. The whole trip to Witsand Nature Reserve was an interesting adventure!

Pro-Tip: Have a map to avoid driving back the wrong direction into the middle of nowhere.. No signal, so no Google Maps ;)

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Feb. 12, 2018, 6:54 a.m.
Love the tip!
Dec. 10, 2017, 10:31 p.m. - 1 Like
It was sooo hot