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Klein Tafelberg

Recently we visited Klein Tafelberg, it is situated in the Sandveld, between the towns of Redelinghuys and Aurora. It’s an easy two-hour drive from Cape Town and the 4x4 trail has been voted South Africa’s number 1!

After entering the gate and driving for about 15 minutes we reached the main farmhouse, where we were greeted by the extremely friendly owner Stephen Burger. He loves making jokes and we had a laugh while he showed us to our campsite.

The terrain is sandy which was perfect for us, as it was a hot cloudless day but in winter it gets quite messy as the sand turns into mud and you end up dirtying your tent quite easily. Their abolition blocks were extremely clean and tidy and we had a great stay. Camping only costs R250 per vehicle per night for two people, which we think is pretty reasonable. It’s R25 extra for additional mates per night but kids under six stay for free.

After setting up camp we and having breakfast we decided to climb up the mountain. It’s a short drive to the bottom from the main camping area and about an hours climb to the top. The climb was lots of fun and I enjoyed climbing up the rocky terrain, sometimes on all fours :) 

After reaching the top and taking in the amazing view we headed down. There was a fire a while ago and the rocks were very loose, I ended up taking a massive tumble and Simon as well as myself was very relieved when he ran back up and found me with only some scratches and bruises. 

Afterward, we really enjoyed taking a dip in their pool to relax.

That afternoon Simon went to go watch the rugby in their fully stocked bar with extremely friendly company. If you get there in the morning before 10 am you can go drive the 4x4 track. We had 10 cars with us and there is a genuine family feel as everyone is equipped with radios to stay in communication through the trip. We towed some new friends with their Jimny as it couldn’t make it up a very steep and rocky slope.

Klein Tafelberg is a place we always thoroughly enjoy camping at! Be sure not to give it a miss.

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